The Songs from My Life: an introduction.

So I’ve decided to do this; you know me, I hate all that hipster culture stuff. Why not start a blog? Hipsters never do that. Next week I’ll be trying lentil soup and watching a nine-hour long noir-film on photo frames (translate: eating sausage roll(s) and watching Entourage.) This blog is probably not the most normal thing to focus my time upon, especially from a guy who tries not to take life so seriously. However I only wanna write a paragraph here and there, and for kind-of-a-simple-reason: I do love music, and I love what it represents, how it makes people feel; your memories, stories, a bit in the song you like, maybe a riff that you learnt when younger, maybe a song someone else likes that has had an impression on you, something that you air-drum or air-bassoon to, or maybe just something you find funny or sad, euphoric or crushing.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that, though I want to be funny at all costs, I may not be as funny as I first assumed. Within this, I will try not to be humorous in my writing anymore (see: that sausage roll/Entourage bit above) and will focus upon being a bit more literate; I want my writing to read well, and sometimes it comes off as Boris Johnson having a stroke on a keyboard (see what I mean? Not as funny as it sounded in my head.)

So, these are some of my favourite songs, or songs that have at least had an impression upon my life. A few tracks will be fun ones, a few will probably be memories from my youth, or time at school, gigs, Uni, home, gatherings, (very few) parties and anything in between. They’re in no real order, and there won’t be any real reason as to why I may post one song, followed by another. I can get unnecessarily emotional in my head, so why not shout at you few people instead, eh? EH?

I do hope you enjoy. I like it when people enjoy things I do.


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